The Front of Nations for Self-Determination (Iran) FNFSD, Strongly Supports the National, Territorial Resistance -Intifada, in Al-Ahwaz

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The Front of Nations for Self-Determination (Iran) FNFSD, Strongly Supports the National, Territorial Resistance -Intifada, in Al-Ahwaz

Today the occupying regime of Iran that is not satisfied with the plundering of the oil of Al-Ahwaz for the past decades, now inhumanely are depriving the Ahwazi Arab nation from their natural water sources by changing the direction and stream of Karoon river in Ahwaz into Persian living areas such as Isfahan. Iranian regime ruthlessly was trying to dry up all water sources in Ahwazi agricultural lands and Ahwazi cattle farms and even by creating the scarcity or the shortness of drinking water, planed to force the Ahwazi Arab nation to hand over their homeland and to surrender to the Iranian occupant regime ‘s genocidal demographic change policies to alter the partial extinction of Ahwazi ethnicity by making them to migrate forcefully.
By using these genocidal policies, regime is hopping to make the process of Persianization of this region easier. However, this hundred-year-old suppressive policy of so called “Iran” is quite clear to everyone, especially to Non-Persian nations under Iranian occupation. Although this policy has failed, the occupying Persian regime of Iran still desperately continues to use with its forces. The ongoing national, territorial resistance -Intifada of Al-Ahwaz against so called “Islamist” rulers of Tehran, which brought the regime to a standstill and defeat, once again exposed its totalitarian nature to the international community.

The FNFSD, strongly condemns the occupation and plunder of the land and assets of the Arab Ahwazi Nation by so-called regime of Iran.

The FNFSD, greatly supports the national, democratic struggle of AL-Ahwaz, and declares that the only solution to this problem is the unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces of so called “Iran” from AL-Ahwaz and also complete removal of occupied national, territorial lands of Baluchistan, South Azerbaijan, South Turkmenistan, Kurdistan and all other non-Persian lands .
FNFSD, publicly invites all non-Persian nations under the occupation, to stand up in complete support of national resistance -Intifada of Al-Ahwaz, to cut and remove the roots of the Persian-Iranian occupants from non-Persian occupied territories by creating the unified front of national, democratic against the common enemy.

FNFSD, asks all international communities to support the struggle of the Arab Nation of AL-Ahwaz and all other nations under Iranian occupation, to end the existence of Iranian regime of terror in the region and to establish peace, stability and democracy.

The Front of Nations for Self-determination (Iran), FNFSD



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