The Front of Nations For Self-Determination (Iran) -FNFSD, firmly supports the ongoing protests in Baluchistan against the mass killing of Baloch cross-border petty fuel traders of Sarawan-Baluchistan by the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC).

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February 27.2021

The Front of Nations For Self-Determination (Iran) -FNFSD, firmly supports the ongoing protests in Baluchistan against the mass killing of Baloch cross-border petty fuel traders of Sarawan-Baluchistan by the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC).

On Monday 22nd of February 2021 more than 30 innocent Baloch Petty Fuel Traders were shot, injured and killed with heavy weapons by the terrorist IRGC in the border area of Shamsar of Sarawan-Balochistan.

As expected, the kleptocratic and autocratic regime of Iran denied the killing and claimed that the Pakistani border guards killed one person. Pakistan utterly refuted Iran’s allegation. The people of Sarawan and in fact the entire cities and town of the Baluchistan protested with vigour against the mass killing by the terrorist IRGC at Shamsar Border. The protest is still ongoing and gaining support from the Ahwazi people, Turks of South Azerbaijan, south Turkmenistan, Kurdistan and many other areas. There is an international cry against this atrocity by the terrorist IRGC.

The U.S. Congresswomen Yvette Herrel expressed her anger against this terrible act of mass killing in Sarawan-Balochistan. The UN Human Rights Council issued a strong statement and asked for a fair and thorough investigation. The Amnesty International also deplored the mass killing of innocent Baloch. Mr Kave Mossavi, a London-based prominent international human rights lawyer warned the perpetrators of the IRGC that in accordance with the international law, they committed crimes against humanity and they will be subject to arrest.

The anger and cry in Baluchistan is loud against this mass killing. The victims had no alternative means of income. The vast majority of Baloch people have no income to survive out of persistent abject poverty in Baluchistan. The poverty in Baluchistan is so alarming. For Instance, the former member of national assembly for Khash consistency, Mr Alim Yar-Mohammadzai stated that the poverty in Baluchistan is over 70%.

The occupying regime of Iran shamelessly labels these Baloch cross-border petty fuel traders as SMUGGLERS. Needless to say that these victims ironically had permission to trade cross-border prior to this horrifying killing from their killers (the regime). The main and only cross-border fuel smuggler or culprit is the IRGC itself. There is ample of undeniable evidence that caravans of fuel tankers of IRGC cross the border absolutely unhindered regularly either to Pakistan or Afghanistan. The IRGC conducts fuel smuggling to circumvent the internationally imposed sanctions.On 26th February, Molavi Abdulhamid, the religious leader in Baluchistan in his Friday-Prayer’s speech confirmed clearly that he was asked by the “Authorities” to help circumvent the sanctions when these petty traders take fuels across the border. So the pathological lies of the occupying regime do not hold water at all.

The occupying regime of Iran stated that the situation in Baluchistan is normal and full security is in place. The evidences from the ground, totally rejects the regime’s assertion of normality of the situation in Baluchistan. The fact that the regime has been dispatching suppressive reinforcements from neighbouring Kerman and Hormozgan regions, exhibits the gravity of the tense situation. The regime even is deploying helicopter gunships. These suppressive forces are sent to quell any rightful protests in Baluchistan. The regime is surely terrified of prospect of the protests being spread to other parts in Iran.

In the midst of the current protest and anger by the people of Baluchistan, the oppressive forces of the regime ashamedly carried another shoot to kill action against Baloch farmers in Nehzat-Abad village of Rodbaar. They shot at Baloch women and children. Many were injured severely. Rodbaar is a major Baloch city which is administered by Kirman province.

The occupying regime has been imposing draconian measures for the past 43 years in Baluchistan. The regime considers the Baloch as a potential threat to its authority and existence. Hence, the draconian measures. Over the past 43 years the Baloch were persuaded by the religious leaders to be calm and patient. The Monday’s mass killing surely put an end to that approach. The oppressed people of Baluchistan no longer accept illusive promises. They are now standing firm for change and emancipation. The emancipation of Baloch nation will be materialized only when the illegal occupation of Baluchistan by Iran ends.

The FNFSD is deeply shocked by the mass killing of innocent Baloch fuel cross-border traders on Monday February 22, 2021 by the terrorist IRGC at Shamsar cross-border of Sarvan-Balochistan.

The FNFSD condemns in strongest term the occupying regime of Iran for the mass killing of Baloch fuel traders at the cross-border of Shamsar- Sarawan of Baluchistan and deplores the awful shooting at the Baloch women and children of Rodbaar and injuring them.

The FNFSD expresses its solidarity and full sympathy with the victims and the people of Baluchistan. The FNFSD stands side by side with the ongoing protests in Baluchistan, and urge every freedom-loving person or organization to support the Baloch protesters. The support by eight prominent Arab political parties across Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Al-Ahwaz to the Baloch victims and to the ongoing protest of Baloch people is encouraging and is welcome.

President, Abdulla Baluch

Email: [email protected]

Front of nations For self-Determination (Iran) -FNFSD


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