Turkmens of South Turkmenistan (Turkmen-Sahra, Iran),  strongly condemn over 30 years genocidal occupation of Azerbaijani land by Armenian Occupants. We immeasurably support the liberation military movement and victories of Azerbaijani state Army against Armenian aggressors in Nagorno Karabakh.

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Date: October 13.2020

Turkmens of South Turkmenistan (Turkmen-Sahra, Iran),  strongly condemn over 30 years genocidal occupation of Azerbaijani land by Armenian Occupants. We immeasurably support the liberation military movement and victories of Azerbaijani state Army against Armenian aggressors in Nagorno Karabakh.

Relatively, After the so called glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) policies in the USSR by Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union started to collapse, but the old and suppressed problems especially regarding territorial claims between Azerbaijanis and Armenians redeemed again. Armenians that always were supported by Russian various regimes against Azerbaijani Turks in the past and present; because of having the unconditional support of  Russian rulers and for their long-dated terrorist bonds and networks of anti-Azerbaijani Turks, for over 30 years became a victorious occupants !?

It is noteworthy to mention that even Mr. Gorbachev openly reconstructed the “openness” and “reconstructing” policies of  USSR before its destruction, against Azerbaijani Turks in Baku.  On January 20, 1990, nearly 26,000 Soviet troops mixed with Armenian Dashnaks invaded the capital city of Baku, firing and shelling onto neighbourhoods and public streets, attacking every Azerbaijani man, woman, children and elderly,  a brutal Russian-Armenian made tragedy that became known as “Black January.” Later, they created the Khojally Massacre in occupied territory of Azerbaijan on 26 February 1992.

Although Mountainous Karabakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is officially part of Azerbaijan Republic, after the bloody clashes between Russian-Armenians forces including Russian founded Dashnaks of 1890 and Russian military division of 336, against unaware and unprepared Azerbaijani forces, the entire Nagorno Karabakh region and seven (7) additional surrounding districts of  Lachin, Kelbajar, Agdam, Jabrail, Fizuli, Khubadly and Zengilan, it means over 20 per cent of Azerbaijan, were occupied by Armenians, and because of serious war situations, over 800,000  Azerbaijani Turks who were living in these areas and were the majority of population forced to migrate from their homeland to other parts of Azerbaijani republic and they have been living under miserable conditions since the early 1990s til present for over 30 years with the minimum living condition in tents but with a great hope to have their land and homes back again soon.

There are a minimum of four  (4) United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions: 822, 853, 874, 884 that declares Nagorno Karabakh and occupied Seven (7) additional districts is the undivided part of  republic of Azerbaijan. However,  OSCE Minsk Group  that are internationally responsible to solve this conflict legitimately based on UN resolutions, during past 28 years was done nothing and except Turkey and Azerbaijan who shared the suffering and pain for a long time;  none of Minsk Group countries cared over the demand of  Azerbaijani state and people to have their occupied land back.

Recently on Sep. 27.2020  Armenian Army by violating cease fire once again attacked Azerbaijani Forces and as usual by shelling toward urban areas and killing unarmed, innocent Azerbaijani men, women and children.  But this time Azerbaijani forces fiercely begin the counter attach against the Armenian aggressors and were able to defeat and disperse them for tens of kilometres back by freeing  the many occupied cities such: Zengilan, Jabrail, Fizuli, Khubadly and historical city of Shusha and several surrounding towns and villages . Lachin & Kelbajar strategic road is taken by Azerbaijani forces. The complete Victory of Azerbaijan is soon in the front door of Kelbajar- Lachin .

Generally, Azerbaijan is populated with over 150 non-Azerbaijani ethnic  minorities. And among them, at least 120,000 Armenians and 150,000 Russians. They have their christian churches that is used by Russians descendants too and never anyone was allowed to violate Armenian human rights including, religious right, cultural rights, mobility rights, working rights and etc. in territory of Azerbaijani republic. There are 5 Orthodox, 1 Catholic, 4 Georgian Catholic, 6 synagogues and other places of worship in Azerbaijan. There is an Armenian church of Baku which is located at the centre of the city. It is closed and still kept in good condition under the control of state, but Azerbaijani Mosques in occupied land of Karabakh used by Armenians as a stable to keep their cattle. Regrettably, we can not witness such a lawful and humanity relation among Armaments towards Azerbaijanis.

Who are internationally support Armenian invaders of Karabakh? Mostly Russia & Iran and All world terrorist organizations including Hezbollah, Hash-dole-shabee, Kurdish and even Latin Americans terrorists. (radio France). This alliance act under the leadership of Putin, who is a well known Russian regime ‘s criminal boss that in corporation with Iranian terrorist regime are the brutal builders of the massive grave yards of Syria by killing innocent children, women and elderly through bombing

Azerbaijani people but is supported by the state and people of Israel who like Azerbaijani Turks always fought for freedom and democracy nationally and internationally. We are supported by Turkey as the main base and protector of world Turk since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk along with countries like Ukraine, Pakistan and etc. Fortunately, There are many recent journalistic social, political reports, articles and presentations which define the truth of the Azerbaijan & Armenian military conflicts  over Karabakh world wide

On Friday night of October 2020, Armenian forces under the leadership of the Russian grave maker once again attacked city Ganja, the second biggest city of Azerbaijan populated with over 2.5 million people by ballistic missiles to broke the will of Azerbaijani Turks to defeat the Armenia aggressor and to win back the mother land.  But they have to understand that the biggest arsenal of the terrorist alliance of Russia, Iran and Armenia under the leadership of Mr Putin can not broke the decisive will of Azerbaijani Turks to win back their occupied mother land of  Nagorna Karabakh and 7 surrounding districts.

Down with anti-Azerbaijan terrorist and occupational alliance of  Russia, Iran & Armenia

South Turkmenistan National Democratic Front,

South Turkmenistan (Turkmen-Sahra, Iran) human Rights Centre in Canada,

Universal Union of Canadian Turkmen Community Centre


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