FNFSD statement about the deadly effect of the pandemic coronavirus in “Iran” concerning over the demonic acts of regime into the new and orderly heightened persecution of national, political activists of non-Persian nations by using the coronavirus as the device of suppression.

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Date: March 13. 2020

FNFSD statement about the deadly effect of the pandemic coronavirus in “Iran” concerning over the demonic acts of regime into the new and orderly heightened persecution of national, political activists of non-Persian nations by using the coronavirus as the device of suppression.

A week ago there was over 70 countries, but presently more than 160 countries are under the deadly effect of the pandemic corona virus world wide. All of these countries fully organized and accountable under the leadership of the state umbrella, in defence of their people are encouraging the institution of all kind of governmental and public campaign for the treatment of the ill, for the prevention and spread of disease in their homelands. Among the highly contaminated countries after China as the initiator and expansionist of coronavirus, Iran is considered the second deeply effected place that not only indifferent into the spread of the virus, hunreds of deaths and more and more contamination of its people inside its borders, but also initiated the transmission and outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus into its neighbouring countries and internationally. 1

We are witnessing the 24/7 day-night struggle and commitment of world countries and governments to stop and to prevent the outbreak of the virus. For instance, even China as the main producer of Coronavirus is quarantined the contaminated city Wuhan and is created the many quarantine centres to place and treat the ill and exposed people. And it seems that the number of newly effected patients is decreasing. But Iranian terrorist and occupant regime did no do anything for the prevention and spread of the epidemic. This regime even did not quarantine the city Gom as the first and hugely infected place to prevent the transmission of the virus into other cities. Conversely, in the middle of the outbreak of coronavirus, regime is performed the corrupt show of legislative election by hiding and censoring the news of infections, newly sick patients and deaths. 2

Universally, government is an accountable engine for the security and well-being of the society and directly responsible to implement all kind of appropriate and mandatory  actions to protect the country s’ health and wellness in advance. Evidently, in the past and present days of the outbreak of coronavirus, the majority of countries (except for Iranian regime) begun to provide emergency funds, create quarantine centres, establish enamours governmental and public services to deliver the free food and groceries to the infected places for the ill and exposed patients by ensuring the monthly income/salaries of the quarantined or self-isolated people entirely in all regions of their countries. For instance, Canadian Federal government provides a total of 82 $ billion Coronavirus Aid Package. US Congress and Treasury Department planing to provide an Aid Package equal to $1trillion. But Iranian regime steel shamelessly spends the national budget of the country for its expansionist, intruding policies in its neighbouring countries for Iranian-based Houthis, Iranian-based Hast-AL-Shabies and Hezbollah in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq for the spread of terrorism. This regime even is not giving internationally provided emergency coronavirus funds to the infected people by confiscating the budget and sharing it among its pro-regime gangs. 3

Health, security and well-being of our people is in the first place and every normally legislated state policy should react and interact within. Unfortunately, in so called  “Iran” as non-Persian nations we were not in the possession of our national territories. But if we would have owned our sovereign governments; we could treat the ill and exposed and we could stop the pandemic in a short time with the best medical planes and long term assessment based on national vision that always  grantee security and well being of its people. Unfortunately, we are steel under the reign of the occupant and aggressor and for over 95 years, the destiny and health status of the South Azerbaijani Turks, Ahwazi Arabs, Southern Turkmens, Baluches, Kurds and Lores is not on the legislative and state account of the regime. Conversely, regime under the name of Coronavirus is practising the heightened persecution polices to increase the arrest and murdering of cultural and political activists by indoctrinating the healthy individuals as exposed and ill patients. Harirchy, the deputy chief of Iranian Health ministry recently announced that in each hour 43 Iranian is infected by the coronavirus and at every hour 3 exposed patients is dieing. 4

However, Non-Persian nations for over 9 decades are familiar with Persian-Iranian chauvinistic, corrupt and criminal state status as the rule of thumb. For instance, Khomeini is used the war with Iraq as the means of ethnic and religious atrocities and persecution of freedom and democracy for several years. Khamenei and Ruhani used the 2019 flood as the mechanism of suppression against non-Persian nations specially in South Turkmenistan (Golestan & north Khorasan provinces) and Alahwaz. 5

FNFSD, strongly condemns the demonic acts of Iranian terrorist regime for the spread and transmission of the pandemic coronavirus inside the country and in the greater region of Middle East. We ask for the complete care and attention of our people to prevent and stop the transmission of the disease into their families and communities throughout cautious and knowledgeable implementation of the best medical recommendations given locally and globally. We also recommend the unified actions of people to force the regime for creating quarantine centres, emergency coronavirus services and to quarantine the most exposed cities like Gom immediately and to provide food and other basic needs for the ill, their families and people who are in self-isolation and have to stay home to prevent the transmission of the disease. 6

FNFSD, strongly recommends that all labour workers, office employees and others must stay at home and to refuse to work to protect health of himself/herself, families and the bigger communities in self-isolation periods by receiving fully maintained monthly income. FNFSD demands, Iranian occupant regime should finance and secure the salaries of all employees who are in quarantine centres or in self-isolation periods at home. Wonderingly, the regime terminated the Friday Pray in many places under the deceitful pretext to stop the spread of the pandemic. Why is the regime not closing schools, colleges and universities, why is the regime not providing workers with paid-leave with a minimum of 1 month? What is done now in many countries all over the world to protect their population. It is obvious that the termination of Friday Pray is less expensive for the regime than providing the 1-2 months Paid-Leave for the workers and to secure the monthly income of the exposed people in quarantine centres or people in self-isolation periods at home. It is enough to wast the national budget for the spread of the terror in the region and the world. Iranian regime must finance and assure all employees where and when it is needed equally in all regions of the country urgently.

FNFSD strongly condemns the corrupt double standard policy of Iranian regime against workers and employees all over the country and asks them to stay home to protect health and security of their families and to force the regime to provide them with all means of medical and economic support during the outbreak of coronavirus. 7

Front of Nations for Self-Determination (FNFSD)

President, Avdygafur Satash

South Azerbaijani Independence Party

South Azerbaijani Human Rights Centre

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF)

Ahwazi Canadian Human Rights Centre

South Turkmenistan (Turkmen-Sahra, Iran) National Unity Front

South Turkmenistan(Turkmen-Sahra, Iran) Human Rights Centre in Canada

Baluchistan National Movement

South Azerbaijan National Way organization

South Azerbaijan democratic Turkic Unity

United Independent Azerbaijani Front


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